In order to encourage BiH citizens to take the initiative and start up small businesses, and to emphasise the key role of small and medium sized enterprises in job creation and in BiH’s economic development, OHR has produced a TV series“Business on My Street”– 15 five-minute programs on successful small businesses, stories about people who, despite an unfavourable business environment, managed to succeed. “Business on My Street” portrays people who knew they could “do it better themselves” and had the courage and confidence to take the necessary steps.

The series covers a wide range of businesses (production, services, agriculture, new businesses) of different size and at different stages of business development. At the end of each of the 15 programs there are expert analyses presented by business consultant. These segments focus on different aspects of business (how to create a customer base, marketing, quality, effectiveness and efficiency…) and offer practical advice.

“Business on My Street” was broadcast on FTV and RT RS November 4 – 22, 2002 and is being broadcast from December 9 – 27, 2002 on 22 regional and local TV stations across BiH.

A free business advice/information service was available to viewers by January 21, 2003. Written requests sent by fax or email were responded to in written form, accompanied by a copy of “From an Idea to a Business”, a brochure that offers practical information on what needs to be taken into consideration when starting up or developing a small business.

Starting December 9, 2002 the “Oslobodjenje” newspaper published a series of 15 feature articles based on the TV series “Business on My street” and provided it’s readers with free business advice /information services published in a daily’s business section.

TV series is available in Latin and Cyrillic, with one version with the English subtitles.