Chart of Ombudsperson Special Reports

Chart of Ombudsperson Special Reports

September 1999


a: need OHR action for compliance
NP: not public (the Report is confidential)

No Case Name case# Addressed to Type of case Articles Deliv. Status
1 Brcko health   Mayor and Municipality of Brcko discrimin. rights to health/work A5,A6;A12 ICESCR 12-12-1996 compliance
2 Corresp. and access to court 342/97 BH Minister of Communication respect for corresp./fair trial/discrim. A6,A8 28/2/97 compliance
3 Law on Off. Use of Language 345/97 RS Minister of Information freedom of expression A10 04-02-97 compliance
4 Mostar incident 348/97 FBH Minist. of Justice and Interior right to life/ill-treatment A2,A3 04-10-97 a
5 Right to work in Kozaraprevoz 392/97 RS Minister of Work discrimin. as to right to work A5,6 ICESCR 05-06-97 compliance
6 Non-enforc. of judic. decis. 391/97 RS Minist. of Justice and Interior fair trial A6 05-12-97 compliance
7 Zvornik 7 449/97 RS Presid. of F.I. Court in Zvornik fair heraing in a criminal trial A6 06-03-97 compliance
8 Zvornik 3 486/97 RS Bijelijna Presid. of Distr. Court fair heraing in a criminal trial A6 (2) (3b,c,d) 19/6/97 compliance
9 Right to return 504/97 BH Minister of Civil Affairs freedom of movement/prot. of prop. A2,3 P4/A1P1 07-02-1997 compliance
10 Death Penalty 556/97 RS Minister of Justice death penalty A2,A1P6 18/7/97 compliance
11 Law on purchase of apartm. 980/97 FBH Parliament and Government resp.for home/prot. of prop. A8,A1P1 21/11/97 compliance
12 Law on use of abandon. prop. 1543/98 RS Prime Minister resp. for home/prot. of prop./discrim. A8, A14, A1P1 04-09-98 compliance
13 Confiscation of agricol. land   RS X Municipality prot. of prop./discrimin. A1P1,A14, 16/7/98 NP/compl.
14 Zvornik 3 2650/99 RS Supreme Court fair trial/ discrimin. A6, 14; A26 ICCPR 18/1/99 a
15 Pension/Disabily insurances 2859/99 FBH Parliament and Government prot. of prop./discrimin. A1P1, A14 26/5/99 follow up
16 Changes in RS Devel. Plans 655/98 RS Prime Minister and 3 Mayors prot. of prop./discrimin. A1P1, A14, 27/5/99 follow up
17 Protection of Returnees 3275/99 RS and FBH Prime Ministers discrim. in protection of returneees A3,8,A1P1, A26ICCPR 29/9/99 follow up

OHR Human Rights/Rule of Law Department