08/09/2004 Bulldozer Initiative

Bulldozer Committee Statement

The Regional Bulldozer Committees, the BiH, Entity and Brcko Emergency Reform Units, and representatives of the newly-formed BiH Employers’ Organization met in Neum this weekend for the first plenary session of Bulldozer Phase III. Sixty proposals were discussed, of which 15 were approved and 12 will be discussed at a second plenary session that will take place in a month from now.

Proposals range from administrative adjustments that will encourage investment in BiH to changes that will make it easier to register new pharmacies. One reform proposal aims to reduce the price of construction land, while another is designed to eliminate double taxation. There are also proposals that will eliminate discriminatory provisions in tendering requirements and harmonize licensing requirements for trucking companies in both Entities.

“This weekend’s meeting has been a strong start for Bulldozer Phase III. Discussion has been focused on practical changes that will improve the business environment in BiH and thus help to create jobs,” said Esad Ibisevic, representative of the BiH Employers’ Organisation.