Addendum to Order of October 10

Addendum to the order

As the Supervisor for Brcko, I herein issue the following Order in accordance with my authority under the Award on the Interim International Supervision of the Brcko area of February 14, 1997, and pursuant to my Order on Multi-Ethnic Administration in the RS Municipality of Brcko of October 10, 1997.
  1. As stated in paragraph five of the above mentioned Order, the President of the Executive Board (Mayor) and the Vice Presidents shall ensure that the staff composition of the municipal administration of Brcko as well as that of those public services which are financed by the municipality shall reflect the composition of the population of the RS Municipality of Brcko, based on the voters registry and as reflected by the results of the municipal elections of September 13 and 14, 1997. This proportion shall be 52.2 percent Serb, 39.1 percent Bosniak, and 8.7 percent Croat. This proportion shall be applied, in the first phase, to the Executive Board and within its Departments.
  2. As further stated in paragraph five of the above mentioned Order, the President and Vice Presidents shall submit to the Supervisor a comprehensive staffing plan within thirty days of their election; this election now being confirmed as completed on November 13, 1997. Such staffing plan is to be implemented by December 31, 1997.
  3. The Supervisor is, in accordance with provision VII.I.B.(1) of the Arbitration Award, the final authority for all issues related to the implementation of the multi-ethnic administration.

Robert W. Farrand
Supervisor of Brcko
November 15, 1997

Office of the High Representative