02/08/2022 OHR

HR’s statement regarding the Draft Law on the RS High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council submitted to the RS National Assembly

The establishment of a single, State-level HJPC was a pivotal consensual reform to modernize the BiH judiciary in accordance with European and international standards, fostering professionalism, transparency and efficiency in the judiciary while advancing impartial, independent and effective administration of justice throughout the country.

The state of BiH and both entities as well, have agreed in March 2004 unanimously to establish the single HJPC for BiH.

The offensive adoption of another – RS HJPC violates this agreement. It threatens the influence of judiciary and the primacy of rule of law.

A professional judiciary free from political pressure and influence is key to developing a fair and democratic society and indispensable to BiH aspirations to become part of the European Union.

The High Representative will discuss this issue and its consequences with the Ambassadors of the PIC Steering Board.