04/24/2023 OHR

First Expert Consultation Meeting on State Property takes place in Sarajevo

The Office of the High Representative, with the support of the PIC Steering Board, has established an expert Working Group as a part of a technical consultation process on State Property. The task of this Working Group will be to discuss expert legal analysis on various aspects pertaining to the apportionment of property between the State and other levels of government.

The first working session as part of the technical consultation process took place today in Sarajevo. The Working Group, composed of distinguished local and international legal experts, will hold regular working sessions during which its members will assess various technical and legal aspects of ownership, use, and management of state property, and analyze different models of the property management, including international examples. The goal of the Working Group is to produce a set of expert opinions and information to facilitate the work of BiH Parliamentary Assembly in resolving the issue of State Property.

An acceptable and sustainable resolution of the issue of apportionment of property between State and other levels of government is the first objective of the 5+2 agenda and has been a longstanding obligation of BiH authorities.