06/13/1996 PIC Conference Florence

Contents of the Implementation of the HR Provisions of the Peace Agreement


  1. Executive Summary

  2. Human Rights Institutions And Monitoring Organisations

      A. Peace Agreement Institutions

      1. The Commission on Human Rights
      2. Commission for the Real Property Claims of Displaced Person and Refugees
      3. Office of the High Representative

      B. Intergovernmental Organisations

      1. UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      2. Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
      3. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
      4. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
      5. European Community Monitoring Mission
      6. Council of Europe

      C. Other Organisations

      D. Overall Assessment

  3. Human Rights Implementation

    1. Legislative and Institutional Reform
    2. Creation of Conditions for Human Rights Organisations to Operate Effectively
    3. Release of Prisoners
  4. Protection Of Fundamental Rights And Freedoms

    1. Non-discrimination / Protection of Minorities
    2. Freedom of Movement
    3. Arbitrary Detention / Fair Trial
    4. Right to Return / Property rights
    5. Freedom of Thought / Expression / Association
    6. Protection of the Person
  5. Conclusions And Recommendations

    1. Institutional Steps
    2. Cooperation with Human Rights Institutions and Organisations
    3. Addressing Human Rights Abuses