06/23/2023 OHR

Brčko needs to accelerate reforms towards full implementation of the Final Award

Presiding Arbitrator of the Arbitral Tribunal for Brčko, Ambassador Clint Williamson, met this week with Brčko Government and Assembly officials, the District Chief Prosecutor, and the President of the BiH Constitutional Court, as part of his regular duties to assess progress and compliance with the Brčko Final Award.

Together with Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor Jonathan Mennuti, the Arbitrator met on Wednesday with President of the BiH Constitutional Court Valerija Galić to review the Court’s activities and its role under Amendment I of the BiH Constitution to exercise jurisdiction on matters pertaining to Brčko’s status, consistent with the terms of the Brčko Final Award.

They also met with the Brčko District Chief Prosecutor Zekerija Mujkanović to discuss the state of the rule of law in the District and the work of the District’s judicial bodies, in particular when it comes to combating corruption and conflict of interest.

On Thursday, PDHR Mennuti and Presiding Arbitrator Williamson met with Brčko Mayor Zijad Nišić, Deputy Mayor Anto Domić, District Assembly Speaker Siniša Milić, and Deputy Speaker Ivo Filipović. Given that several months have passed since the partial District Government reshuffle, this was a good opportunity for the Presiding Arbitrator to hear firsthand about progress on reforms related to good governance, economic development, and the fight against corruption.

“Brčko needs to accelerate its present reform course towards full implementation of the Final Award. In this, it should enjoy continuous and unequivocal support from both the entities and the state level, including by ensuring uninterrupted work of all institutions relevant for the District’s functioning. This especially refers to the work of the BiH Constitutional Court.

This is an obligation of all levels of government in BiH in line with the Final Award. The jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal for Brčko shall continue until the conclusion of the supervision, when the necessary conditions are met,” concluded the Presiding Arbitrator Williamson.