06/06/2017 PIC SBPD

Statement by the Political Directors of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council

Political Directors of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) Steering Board expressed today their condemnation of the event entitled “Great Gathering of Support for Croat Detainees in the Hague and all Unjustly Accused and Convicted Croat Defenders from the HVO”, which is announced to take place in Mostar on June 8, 2017.

The Political Directors emphasized that all institutions in BiH, including political, religious and civil society, should work toward advancing reconciliation, mutual understanding and tolerance, and refrain from divisive events, actions and rhetoric, including the glorification of convicted war criminals, historical revisionism and the provocative use of symbols. No action should be undertaken by anyone in Mostar or anywhere else that, as a consequence, deepens divisions or raises tensions.

The Political Directors of the PIC Steering Board are of the firm belief that those who endorse any such gathering expressly aimed at supporting indicted and convicted war criminals are not acting in line with European values, the rule of law or their proclaimed interest in joining the European Union and participating in democratic processes.