08/31/2017 OHR Sarajevo

Request for proposal for award of catering services contract

All Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelope marked “Tender for Catering Services” to the following address, latest by 22 September 2017 by 12:00 hours:

OHR Logistics, Emerika Bluma 1, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The tender information is given in the following order:

I          Subject of Tender
II         Site Visit
III       Scope of Services
IV       Prices and Invoicing
V         Equipment
VI       Working Hours and Employees
VII      Insurance Requirements
VIII    Proposal Submission
IX       Evaluation and Award of Contract
X         Documentary Evidence
XI       Subcontractors and Assignments
XII      Security and Removal of Individuals


1.1 Office of the High Representative invites Proposals for award of catering services contract (restaurant, canteen) in the OHR office in Sarajevo commencing 15 October 2017 – 30 June 2018.

1.2 The OHR office is located at Emerika Bluma 1, Sarajevo.
The Office accommodates, at any given time, between 60-70 full time staff. The Office has limited access only to OHR employees and OHR visitors.

1.3 The Contractor will operate business in Kitchen – food preparation area size of 25 m2 with dining room of 70 m2, and Cafeteria size of 50 m2.

1.4 OHR will provide limited storage space for Contractor’s supplies within OHR premises at no cost.


2.1 OHR will organize a site visit so that prospective Companies can familiarise themselves with the service and the local conditions. Companies who wish to bid SHOULD participate in the site visit. Site visit is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 September 2017 at 16:30 hours. Prior to the site visit, you should send a fax to Logistics office at 033/283-501 or email at tender@ohr.int stating names of maximum two Company’s representatives who will come to site visit.


3.1 The Contractor should provide the following daily catering service to OHR free of charge:

a) provision of tea and coffee at kitchen counter for staff or their guests as a self service. Contractor needs to ensure availability throughout normal working day, fully replenish all coffee flasks, tea, sugar, milk, etc.
b) provision of coffee, water and juice for all internal meetings and events. The Contractor will be given advance notice of such meetings and events. Contractor is responsible for timely set up before the meetings and cleaning of tables after the meetings.

3.2 Consumables for services from Art. 3.1 will be purchased by Contractor and charged to OHR.

3.3 The Contractor should deliver Management Plan – Proposal, which should specify the offered type of catering services, menu selections, methods and resources to be used by the Contractor for the performance of the service.

3.4 The OHR has no specific requests on menu selections.

3.5 The Management Plan must contain:

  • Proposed meal selections – complete menu with prices and portion size;
  • An outline of the approach proposed for contract implementation (e.g. equipment to be supplied, organization of personnel, additional commercial service…);
  • The expected number of personnel required in the performance of the services.

3.6 The Contractor shall be responsible for the purchasing and receiving of all food, merchandise, supplies and food equipment at OHR. The Contractor will ensure compatibility of food and beverage products with the events at OHR.

3.7 The Contractor will operate Cafeteria serving hot drinks, beverages, chocolates, snacks and similar and will provide a variety of entrees selections from which to choose.

3.8 The Contractor shall have the option to prepare all meals offsite or at the OHR using available facility. Any meals transported from offsite to the OHR must be transported under appropriate hygienic standards.

3.9 Contractor will ensure that all health and hygiene requirements to meet for commercial food service facility, provide medical and sanitary certificates for its employees.

3.10 The Contractor shall be responsible for cleaning the kitchen, dining room, tables and utensils, and removal of garbage.


4.1 The Contractor will submit to the OHR a monthly invoice only for consumables procured for provision of services under Article 3.1. The Contractor’s invoice must be supported by relevant documentation, i.e. copy of supplier’s invoice. Charges for provision of service, if any, will be separately listed on the invoice.

4.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for payment of any rent or for reimbursement to the OHR for utilities or use of OHR furnished property (Annex I) as a result of catering services provided under Article 3.1.

4.3 Food and beverages served in Kitchen and Cafeteria shall be charged directly to customers at the time of purchase. Contractor shall have cash registers for issuing of bills.


5.1 The kitchen equipment is described in Annex 1.  The kitchen equipment listed in Annex 1 is available for the Contractor’s use if desired. It will be handed over to Contractor in as seen condition with condition report at the time of handover of premises.

5.2 OHR equipment may not be removed from OHR premises and will be returned to OHR in good working order at the end of this contract. Maintenance of this equipment will be responsibility of the Contractor.

5.3 The Contractor shall supply all other equipment that is required to perform services in a professional manner such as glassware, cutlery, cups, plates, tablecloths, ashtrays, etc. The Contractor shall use its own pots and pans for food preparation and serving.

5.4 All equipment shall be maintained in a safe, efficient operating condition at all times – all safety features (grounding plugs, etc) will be maintained in proper working order. Unsafe or inoperative equipment will NOT BE USED and will be promptly removed from the Office.

5.5 Contractor shall assume any and all liability for any damage caused by inappropriate equipment, materials or methods or from careless use of equipment or materials by its personnel.


6.1 The Contractor will provide service 08:00 – 17:00 hours Monday to Thursday, 08:00 – 14:00 hours on Friday. The Contractor may only close on official OHR holidays.

6.2 The Contractor shall provide its personnel, whilst they attend the Office, with clean and tidy uniforms, and other suitable clothing such as cap and hairnets, including that required to meet the specific health and safety measures and regulations in BiH.

6.3 The Contractor shall train and closely supervise all its employees insuring they practice the high standards of cleanliness, courtesy and service required.

6.4 All personnel assigned by the Contractor to perform the work shall be physically able to do their respective work and shall be free from any communicable disease. Personnel shall be capable and experienced in the type of work to be performed and clean and tidy in appearance and courteous customers and their fellow employees whilst at the Office.


7.1 The Contractor shall at his own cost, take necessary insurance coverage in respect of injuries to persons or damages to property which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work herein by the Contractor, its agents, representatives, sub-Contractors and employees with a limit of not less than 5,000.00 KM each accident.

7.2 The Contractor is obliged to comply with all local legislation including, but not limited to, health regulations and the payment of social contributions for all of its employees. All employees, including temporary employees, must be adequately insured, and the contractor must provide proof of all payments/registrations on request of OHR.


8.1 By taking part in this Tender, Bidders confirm that they are registered to perform the business which is subject of this Tender.

8.2 Proposal must include the following elements:

  • Name and address of company, contact person and phone number;
  • Copy of company registration documents;
  • Balance sheet for the last accounting period and turnover for last year;
  • Management Plan (Article 3.) including food menu, beverages and all prices;
  • Any charges for procurement of consumables related to provision of services under Article 3.1,
  • Description of the experience of the Contractor in running catering services;
  • Reference list of companies where the contractor has carried out similar catering contracts;
  • Detailed CV of Catering Manager and/or references proving his/her professional experience;
  • List of the equipment to be supplied by the Contractor for performance of services;
  • Any other relevant information.

8.3 Prices must be in KM (Convertible Marks). OHR shall make payments on a monthly basis upon completion of service. OHR standard payment terms are bank transfer within 30 days from submission of invoice.

8.4 OHR will pay VAT in accordance with the Law on VAT.

8.5 Company accepts responsibility for all taxes and other fees related to the operations under this contract including, but not limited to, payment of social, pension and health care contributions for all its employees.

8.6 OHR reserves the right to enter into negotiations with any bidder or to end the Tender without awarding the contract. OHR will not bear any costs of bidders in process of preparation of bids.


9.1 Any award will be based on the best overall proposal with appropriate consideration being given to the desire for quality service at reasonable menu prices, in combination with past service quality and experience. The OHR may wish to interview bidders.

9.2 Proposals will be reviewed by Evaluation Committee formed of OHR staff. Decision of the Evaluation Committee will be final.


10.1 The selected Contractor will be notified in writing that the Evaluation Committee has recommended that the contract be awarded to it. However, before the OHR signs the contract with the selected Contractor, the Contractor must provide as soon as possible, the following information and documents:

a) The employers’ medical certificates that guarantees their physically and medically fitness to work in preparation and food handling areas.

10.2 If the selected Contractor fails to provide this documentary evidence within 10 calendar days of the date of the letter or if the selected Contractor is found to have provided false information, the notification will be considered null and void. In such a case, the OHR may award the proposal to another Contractor.


11.1 Under no circumstances shall the Contractor appoint any sub-Contractor or sub-lease the contract unless specifically authorized in advance in writing by OHR. If it is found that the Contractor has violated these conditions, the contract will be terminated without any notice.


12.1 The Contractor shall have to submit requests for OHR special access cards, supported by court certification verifying that they have not been prosecuted and copy of passport or national ID, for each and every employee required entering the Office. Issuing of special access cards remains at the sole discretion of OHR and Contractor’s employees may be subject to prior security clearance investigations. Due to long approval procedure, frequent changes in staff are not acceptable. Any changes in staff shall require OHR’s express written consent prior to that employee commencing work on the OHR contract. The OHR reserves the right to deny access to OHR premises to any individual.

12.2 OHR may order the immediate removal from the Office of any person employed therein by the Contractor or any Sub-Contractor for just cause including, but not limited to, incompetence and carelessness, disorderly behavior, intoxication, violation of a law or rule, and any other reason.

———————————————- END  ———————————————–



Dish washer – 12 sets 1 pcs
Filter Coffee machine 2 pcs
Professional Kettle 1 pc
Refrigerator show counter 1 pc
Sandwich press 1 pc
Tables and chairs  
Dish washer – 6 sets 1 pc
TV 1 pc
Tables and chairs