OHR Bulletin 36 – February 11, 1997

No. 36, issued February 11, 1997 Table of Contents Mostar The incident on 10 February in Mostar. Brcko On 11 February an extraordinary Joint Military Commission (JMC) was held in Sarajevo. Vienna The HR, Mr. Carl Bildt, attended an OSCE Permanent Council meeting in Vienna on 6 February. Federation Following a failure of the Federation Government t [...]

OHR Bulletin 35 – February 4, 1997

No. 35, issued February 4, 1997 Table of Contents Presidency Meetings Federation Refugee Return Joint Bodies Municipal Elections Missing Persons Human Rights United Nations Humanitarian & Refugee Issues Media Issues Belgrade Mine Issues / Football Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Presidency Meeting The Presid [...]

OHR Bulletin 34 – January 26, 1997

No. 34, issued January 26, 1997 Table of Contents Joint Institutions Thirteenth session of the Presidency of BiH. Peace Implementation Council Meeting of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council. Federation Parliament 3rd session of the Federation House of Representatives (HoR) held on 22 - 23 January boycotted by the HDZ members. Wa [...]

OHR Bulletin 33 – January 17, 1997

No. 33, issued January 17, 1997 Table of Contents Economic Policy Forum The OHR hosted an Economic Policy Forum in Sarajevo on 12 January Mostar official opening of the regional OHR office in Mostar on 15 January Joint Institutions OHR presents "Quick Start Package" to Council of Ministers Brcko The Brcko Arbitration Tribunal completed its work on [...]

OHR Bulletin 32 – January 10, 1997

No. 32, issued January 10, 1997 Table of Contents Donors' Information Conference Donors Conference held on 09-10 January, Brussels Brcko Hearings Rome Brcko arbitration panel started activities on 08 January in Rome Joint Institutions On 3 January the joint institutions had an active day with both chambers of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, the Ho [...]

OHR Bulletin 31 – January 2, 1997

No. 31, issued January 2, 1997 Table of Contents Joint Institutions 11th meeting of the Presidency of Bosnia & Herzegovina Belgrade High Representative urges Slobodan Milosevic to recognize the findings of the OSCE Mission Human Rights Carl Bildt congratulates Ombudsmen of BiH with their Human Rights Monitor Award Freedom of Movement Sarajevo [...]

OHR Bulletin 30 – December 20, 1996

No. 30, issued December 20, 1996 Table of Contents Bildt Press Conference Carl Bildt Press Conference on the challenges for next year. BiH Federation Federal Government representatives approved by the House of Representatives resulting in the appointment of 15 Ministers and their deputies. Stabilisation Force Ceremony for the official handing over [...]

OHR Bulletin 29 – December 17, 1996

No. 29, issued December 17, 1996 Table of Contents Presidency Meeting Co-Chairs of Council of Ministers nominated. Federation Forum BiH Federation Forum held on 13-14 December. Agreements on cantonal structures reached. Humanitarian Affairs Humanitarian Issues Working Group meets in Geneva on 16 December. Belgrade Carl Bildt urges Milosevic to "ba [...]

OHR Bulletin 28 – December 09, 1996

No. 28, issued December 09, 1996 Table of Contents PIC Conference London "Bosnia and Herzegovina 1997 - Making Peace Work" conference held in London, 4-5 December 1996. Economic Assistance EBRD provides 26 million ECU loan as part of international emergency programme to reconstruct and repair urgent and high-priority airport infrastructure and roa [...]

OHR Bulletin 27 – December 02, 1996

No. 27, issued December 02, 1996 Table of Contents Joint Institutions Agreement reached on Council of Ministers. OSCE RS President agrees OSCE supervises municipal elections. NATO Timetable agreed for IFOR follow-on. Brcko RS government withdraws from Brcko arbitration process. Economic Assistance Agreement reached concerning EU funded economic re [...]