Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This law violates the BiH Constitution, and BiH Law, in particular the competences and unimpeded functioning of the BiH Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, and is in contravention of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s obligations under the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

Op-ed by HR Valentin Inzko: Responsibility, trust, perseverance

Mankind perceives life as a living thing, in constant motion. There is a Latin phrase, perpetuum mobile – perpetual motion. The impression these days is that the world has stopped moving, and there is nothing we can do about it. Suddenly, all of us – individuals, society, the whole of civilization – seem to appear helpless, especially the elderly. [...]

Opportunity for New Beginnings

The formation of new authorities is always a good opportunity to reflect on the previous mandate, and an even better occasion for a fresh start.

Oslobođenje: Op-ed by HR Valentin Inzko

One thing that is clear from these conversations is the existence of not only a general worry about the political situation in the country, but above all the rule of law.

Op-ed by the High Representative: Time to re-think

Insults against other ethnic and religious groups, political rivals, International Community representatives and even individual citizens have become a constant, part of political behavior and method.