05/25/2018 OHR

High Representative attends memorial service in Bradina

High Representative Valentin Inzko attended a memorial service today for the victims of the 1992 massacre in Bradina near Konjic. Following the memorial service, the High Representative  stated that innocent civilian victims and memorial services such as the one we had today in Bradina serve as a stark reminder to all of us not to forget and not to allow the similar crimes to happen again.

“Above all, the innocent victims deserve justice and a dignified burial. Their families deserve a meaningful closure to a personal tragedy. Resentment and fear in this country must be defeated.

This can only be achieved by respecting all innocent victims and doing everything possible to create a better future for their families. While it is painful to revisit the crimes at events such as this one, acknowledgement of the crimes and the victims, and the pursuit of justice and above all, truth, are essential for an unobstructed view towards the future,” said the High Representative.

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