04/05/2018 OHR

High Representative visits Sarajevo Canton Anti-corruption and Quality Control Office

High Representative Valentin Inzko visited the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of the Sarajevo Canton, where he met with the Head of Office Erduan Kafedzic and his associates.

“Corruption is a plague of many modern societies and BiH is no exception. It is not immune to this problem. It affects every aspect of society, impacts every citizen, seriously hinders development of the country and impoverishes society financially and morally. The decision of the Sarajevo Canton Government to establish a permanent office for the fight against corruption is an important step in the right direction. It serves as an example to others when it comes to systematically dealing with this problem,” the High Representative stated.

The High Representative was briefed about the activities of the Office, the successes but also the problems and difficulties they encounter in their work.

“It is of outmost importance that this Office is independent from political influence and works in the interest of citizens. I am convinced that the Office can do a good work and also in the future become a model for similar offices in other cantons, and throughout the country,” he said.

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