02/04/1996 OHR / IFOR

Joint Statement by the High Representative and Commander IFOR

Joint Statement

At D+45, the Commander IFOR and the High Representative have consulted and agreed on steps to preserve secure conditions in those areas of Sarajevo being transferred to the Federation. Acting in conformity with the terms of the Dayton Agreement and the power it confers on them, respectively, they have determined that:
  • At D+91, Federation police forces, as described below, will take over full responsibility for those areas in Sarajevo to be transferred to the Federation. Any armed groups or persons other than Federation armed forces or police encountered there will be disarmed and detained by IFOR.
  • The IPTF, in consultation with IFOR and the High Representative, will oversee the preparation for and gradual transition to an integrated and representative Federation police force in these areas in the period D+45 to D+90. Meanwhile, the present civil authorities, including police forces, can remain in place, provided they do not act inconsistently with the constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation.
  • This arrangement is to provide for a central and leading role for the IPTF in all aspects of police and judicial matters in accordance with their mandate, and to assure orderly replacement of present police structures to be completed by D+90.
  • In support of this arrangement, IFOR will maintain an enhanced presence in the areas concerned.

The High Representative and the Commander IFOR call on the parties to resume their dialogue on the reintegration of Sarajevo on the basis of the understanding already reached in that process, which offers the best prospect for achieving the orderly implementation of what was agreed by all parties at Dayton.