22.11.2006 Political Department, Sarajevo


POSITION TITLE :  Political Officer
DEPARTMENT:  Political department/Field Coordination Unit
DUTY STATION :  Sarajevo
GRADE:   8


The Political Officer will monitor and provide advice on political developments in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and RS. He/she will work assist in devising and implementing a cohesive strategy to encourage and support a sound and democratic political development at the level of the Municipal, Cantonal, and Federation Governments.

The scope of work is as follows:

a) Establishing and maintaining contacts
b) Monitoring and reporting
c) Advising/Drafting on Policy making and analysis
d) Coordination and liaison


Under the direct supervision of the Head of FCU, he/she is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to the following assigned duties: 

a) Establishing and maintaining contacts

· Establishing and maintaining working level contacts with local and regional authorities including elected members of parliaments; cantonal and municipal assemblies; government officials;
· Establishing and maintaining working relationship with local political parties and their leadership;
· Maintain close and constant co-ordination with the Head of FCU and Governmental and Parliamentary Section, Field Offices and/or any other senior representative in the OHR Headquarters.

b) Monitoring and reporting

· Enforce and monitor compliance with the terms of the Dayton Peace Agreement in the Sarajevo region and with all the decision of the High Representative;
· Monitor and carry out implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and report to the Head of FCU/ and Head of Government and Parliamentary Section when asked on appropriate matters, working with the most senior levels of the local authorities and International Community.
· Implement and enforce OHR state, regional and local level strategies; OHR decisions and projects;
· Monitor overall political developments in the Sarajevo and Central Bosnia regions in the context of the developments in the two Entities and at the State level.

c) Advising/ Drafting Policy making and analysis

· Provide analysis and regular report of current affairs and political developments in the Sarajevo Region for the Political Department
· Advise on political issues and support to the OHR POL and Field Offices;
· Consult with other members of the OHR Regional Offices, OHR Field Officers, Political Department on ways to improve democratisation, accountability and transparency at all levels of Government and Legislation, and advise POL as well as senior management of OHR on possible actions to be taken;
· Prepare policy analysis and policy recommendations;
· Review policy and other documents;
· Intervene on behalf of the OHR in all developments that will be of concern for the implementation of the GFAP;

d) Coordination and liaison

· Liase with other OHR Departments
· Liase with other International and local organizations and Institutions in order to ensure efficient communications and/or coordination on current issues. 


· Minimum 5 years experience in an international organisations or government;
· Substantial experience in the process of policy-making and analysis;
· Thorough understanding of the political, social and economic landscape in BiH;
· In depth knowledge and understanding of Sarajevo Region and Central Bosnia is an advantage
· Excellent oral and written communications skills
· Ability to work under stressful situation
· Display organisational skills and diplomacy

Any person with the above qualifications should provide (in English) a CV with a one-page cover letter and references to the following:

Personnel Department
Office of the High Representative
Emerika Bluma 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fax: +387 (0) 33 283 771            E-mail: application@ohr.int
Reference number: 2006/095 must be quoted
Closing date for applications: 03 December 2006
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

No telephone inquiries please