04/18/2012 PIC SB Ambassadors

Intensify Discussions to Implement BiH Constitutional Court Decision

The Ambassadors of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council today called on the responsible authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to intensify their discussions and agree the changes to the City of Mostar’s electoral system mandated by the BiH Constitutional Court.

Municipal elections are due to be announced in May and very few days remain for all electoral legislation to be agreed so that the Central Election Commission is able to announce elections in Mostar at the same time as everywhere else in the country.

We note the failure of political leaders to find a solution to date, as well as the emergence of a local political process. And we urge political leaders to avoid inflammatory language and engage in constructive dialogue with the aim of agreeing a compromise solution.

The Steering Board underlined today that this is an opportunity for the institutions and parties to demonstrate ownership for issues that arise in the country.