09/10/2015 OHR

High Representative meets Austrian Defence and Sports Minister

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today with Austrian Minister for Defence and Sports, Gerald Klug in Sarajevo. The discussion focused on the current political situation in the country, in particular the obligation of the authorities in BiH to fully respect the Peace Agreement and the new phase in BiH’s efforts to join the European Union through the recently signed reform agenda.

The High Representative commended Austria’s efforts to advance peace and prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina through political, economic and military commitments: “Austria has played a significant role in the post war development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and I hope it will continue to do so. BiH needs friends, and Austria has proved a true friend, being first in foreign investments in the country and through its participation in peacekeeping missions.”

The High Representative Inzko made clear that the RS referendum is a serious and direct challenge to the Peace Agreement that must be put aside and also expressed hope that the new European initiative for BiH will invigorate long overdue reforms and that the country will soon resume progress on its Euro-Atlantic path.