OHR Bulletin 53 – July 05, 1997

No. 53, issued July 05, 1997 Table of Contents Constitutional Crisis in RS Appointment of new Principal Deputy HR Contact Group Presidency Council of Ministers OSCE BiH Federation Economic Issues Council of Europe Legal Issues European Commission Notice to Humanitarian Organisations on behalf of ICVA Please consult our Bulletin Category List for [...]

OHR Bulletin 52 – June 27, 1997

No. 52, issued June 27, 1997 Table of Contents Adoption of Quick Start Package BiH Parliamentary Assembly Council of Ministers Presidency Economic Issues Brcko Banja Luka OSCE NATO ICTY BiH Federation Right to Return Mostar Cooperation and Reconciliation Open Broadcast Network Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Ado [...]

OHR Bulletin 51 – June 19, 1997

No. 51, issued June 19, 1997 Table of Contents Change of High Representative Mr. Carlos Westendorp took over from Carl Bindt as HR of International Community on 18 June United Nations Security Council UN Security Council adopts resolution agreeing to designation of Carlos Westendorp as HR of Peace Agreement Presidency Presidency of BiH holds 19th [...]

OHR Bulletin 50 – June 4, 1997

No. 50, issued June 4, 1997 Table of Contents Peace Implementation Council Steering Board of PIC met in Sintra to review progress in implementation of Peace Agreement and to set out international community's near-future strategy Luxembourg Newly appointed HR Carlos Westendorp and outgoing HR Carl Bildt held press conference on 2 June Albright Visi [...]

OHR Bulletin 49 – May 28, 1997

No. 49, issued May 28, 1997 Table of Contents Peace Implementation Council Carl Bildt called Board of Peace Implementation Council to discuss how to re-energize international attention for the Peace Agreement Bildt Speech - The Netherlands Speech for Netherlands Association of International Affairs offered Carl Bildt's view on Yugoslavian war Pres [...]

OHR Bulletin 48 – May 16, 1997

No. 48, issued May 16, 1997 Table of Contents Contact Group Members of Contact Group met in Brussels on 15 May to prepare PIC Steering Board ministerial Meeting in Sintra on 30 May BiH Federation Territory law in dispute Human Rights Suspected Croat war criminal arrested by RS authorities UN IPTF / UNMIBH UN IPTF opened new district headquarters i [...]

OHR Bulletin 47 – May 10, 1997

No. 47, issued May 10, 1997 Table of Contents Council of Ministers BiH Council of Ministers met for a working retreat in Dubrovnik on 5-6 May ICTY ICTY for the Former Yugoslavia Trial announced verdict on Dusan Tadic case BiH Parliamentary Assembly Session of the House of Representatives of BiH Parliamentary Assembly again postponed BiH Federation [...]

OHR Bulletin 46 – May 4, 1997

No. 46, issued May 4, 1997 Table of Contents HR in New York / Washington HR Carl Bildt adressed UN Security Council on situation in BiH Freedom of Movement Principals of OHR, OSCE, SFOR, UN IPTF and UNHCR condemned violent assaults on delegation European Union HR briefed European Union's General Affairs Council (GAC) on latest developments in BiH [...]

OHR Bulletin 45 – April 25, 1997

No. 45, issued April 25, 1997 Table of Contents Human Rights Refugee and Humanitarian Affairs Economic Issues BiH Presidency RS National Assembly Federation Right to Return Media Issues Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Human Rights The Principal Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Michael Steiner, wrote to RS [...]

OHR Bulletin 44 – April 18, 1997

No. 44, issued April 18, 1997 Table of Contents Papal Visit Report to the UN Secretary General Brcko BiH Presidency Federation Forum Human Rights Media Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Papal Visit In his first ever visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina Pope John Paul II visited Sarajevo on 12-13 April.

OHR Bulletin 43 – April 07, 1997

No. 43, issued April 07, 1997 Table of Contents PIC Steering Board Brcko OSCE / Elections Sarajevo Mostar Council of Ministers Refugee and Humanitarian Affairs Human Rights Economic Assistance Humanitarian Aid Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information PIC Steering Board The Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Counc [...]

OHR Bulletin 42 – March 29, 1997

No. 42, issued March 29, 1997 Table of Contents Mostar On 26 March, UN IPTF and the Human Rights Coordination Centre (HRCC) released a report on the events preceding and following the 10 February shooting incident in Mostar. Council Of Ministers The Council of Ministers (CoM) met on 28 March in the National Museum, Sarajevo. Sarajevo The Commissio [...]