Human Rights Report 19 March 97


Minorities Allegedly Harassed by Police A Bosniak man in Jezero (RS) told UN IPTF that he was robbed of 1,950 DM by three men in police uniforms who came to his house on 15 March. UN IPTF also received a report from Kiseljak police that a Croat man was allegedly assaulted by several policemen in Fojnica (Fed) on 13 March. UN IPTF also received a complaint from a Bosniak man who said he was stopped in the street by local police in Modrica (RS) and detained for questioning about his war time activities. Police also reportedly took away some video cassettes he was carrying and accused him of filming of facilities of “vital security interest” in the area. UN IPTF is following up on all three cases.


Police Hinder Cross-IEBL Contact A Bosniak man from Sanski Most (Fed) complained to UN IPTF that a friend from Prijedor (RS) who was supposed to meet him at the IEBL on 18 March to deliver some of his personal belongings was stopped by RS police in Ostra Luka (RS) who seized the goods, allegedly because he did not have proper documentation for them. RS police later met the complainant at the IEBL and gave him a receipt for the items, but refused to return them. UN IPTF will follow up. Stone-Throwers in Doboj Cause Injuries, Vehicle Damage UN IPTF reported three more stoning incidents against Federation-registered vehicles passing through Doboj (RS) in the past three days, including one on 16 March in which a child was injured after the window of the bus he was riding in was shattered by a rock. On 17 March, a Croat man was injured by glass when a rock hit the windscreen of his truck in the same area. Groups of children are alleged to be responsible for the incidents.


Harassment of Minorities Reported in Jajce A Bosniak woman who had recently returned to Jajce (Fed) reported to UN IPTF that two policemen came to her house on 16 March and ordered her to vacate the premises. UN IPTF raised the case with the chief of police, who agreed that woman should be allowed to remain in the property, as long as she registered with the municipality. International organisations are also following up on complaints from Bosniak displaced persons living in a nearby village who say that they are being prevented from visiting their homes in Jajce by the local police.


Opposition Party Supporters Under Pressure in RS Opposition party representatives in Dubica (RS) told ECMM that harassment of their members in the area continues, but in a more subtle manner than in the period prior to the 1996 elections. Party officials reported that many of their members who had held high-level positions in public firms have been removed from their jobs, and increasing pressure is being placed on other party supporters. Factory workers and company employees who support opposition parties have allegedly been placed on waiting lists for jobs, including for positions that they held before and during the war, and in the meantime are not being paid. Others have allegedly been warned that they could lose their jobs if they do not join the SDS. International organisations have received similar reports from opposition party representatives in other parts of the RS, and have been intervening with the authorities on these cases. Two opposition party representatives were also reported detained overnight for questioning by local police in Pelagicevo (RS) at the end of February. Party officials told international observers that they sent a letter of protest to the RS authorities about the incident.

NOTE: The HR Report is based on the most recent information available to the OHR from inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations. Questions on specific items should be directed to the reporting organisation or to the HRCC. Please send information for inclusion in the report to 387-71-447-420, attention Leah Melnick or by e-mail to leah.melnick@ohr.int.

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