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Supervisor Berton rejects request to allow holding of referendum in Brcko District

Brcko District Supervisor Bruce G. Berton responded today to the letter of Brcko Mayor Anto Domic, in which he requested the Supervisor’s consent to the holding of the RS referendum on the territory of the Brcko District of BiH for the... »

Dnevni avaz: Interview with PDHR Bruce G. Berton

Asking citizens in the RS to declare themselves on an issue which has already been decided by the BiH Constitutional Court is a challenge to the Dayton Peace Agreement. ... »

Brcko District Supervisor Called on the Brcko District Assembly to Adopt the Budget Without Delay

Principal Deputy High Representative and Supervisor of Brcko District Bruce G. Berton met today with the Heads of Caucuses of the Brcko District Assembly to urge the adoption of a budget of Brcko District for 2016. ... »

FENA: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

The decision taken by the RS National Assembly on July 15 regarding a referendum in RS on the issue of RS Day violates the General Framework Agreement for Peace. ... »
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