The Politics of Recovery Can Be Built In Srebrenica

After years of stalemate, economic decline and mounting social problems, Bosnia and Herzegovina has entered a more hopeful phase. A Council of Ministers has been formed and all of the coalition parties are committed to tackling the economic crisis and getting the country back on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Op-ed by Valentin Inzko: A Dynamic and Effective OHR

In recent years, the International Community has resisted popular demands to intervene in disputes and solve problems that BiH politicians are not solving themselves by adopting and implementing much needed reforms, including those required for EU membership.

Genocide Took Place in Srebrenica

If the overriding priority of political leaders is to do the job they have been elected to do - to serve the citizens of this country, to create job opportunities, to fight corruption, to improve education and to ensure the security of citizens - then we will see agreements reached very quickly on government coalitions and on common platforms.

No more time should be lost

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina went to the polls on 3 October in their sixth general election since independence. The capacity to hold regular free and fair elections is now firmly established. This is a positive sign of normality.

Alleviating the Sufferings of Millions of BiH Citizens

This debate is long overdue – because putting Bosnia and Herzegovina back on the road to prosperity and EU integration is the number-one issue of the election campaign, and the only way to turn the economy around is to unblock reforms that must be implemented by the state authorities.

What Europe wants from Obama

From the perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our priority is that the US, along with its international partners, remains fully engaged in supporting the countries of the Western Balkans as they move towards full integration in the EU.

Column by Ambassador Bond “Srebrenica: a Six-Month Report”

Mid-way through my one-year mandate I want to report the progress that has been made – by state, entity and municipal officials and international organizations working constructively together – to improve living conditions in the Srebrenica area.