Principals Welcome Joint Statement On Return

The Principals of OHR, UNHCR, SFOR, UNIPTF, OSCE note with great interest the attached Statement delivered by the Minister of Civil Affairs and Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on behalf of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers, the Government of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation and the Republika Srpska, to the Expanded Regi [...]

Statement on the crisis in Albania

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt 15 March 1997 The plunge into chaos in Albania once more demonstrates the volatility and instability of large parts of South-Eastern Europe. In just the last few months, we have seen major crises in Serbia and in Bulgaria, and it is one of the safest assumptions that the coming year will see more tur [...]

Welcoming of Bill Farrand as Deputy High Representative and Supervisor for Brcko

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Vienna, 7 March 1997 I warmly welcome Bill Farrand to the OHR team as my Deputy and Supervisor for Brcko. He is a vastly experienced Foreign Service Officer and brings all of the right qualities to this very important job. OHR Statement by the High Representative Vienna, 7 March

Statement on decision of OSCE to defer municipal elections

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Vienna, 6 March 1997 I welcome the announcement today by the Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE to defer the municipal elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina until September 1997. I as well as my Steering Board have consistently stressed the quality aspects of the local elections. This new time-frame should [...]

Bosnia celebrates its independence

On the day Bosnia celebrates its independence, I send my best wishes to all Bosniacs, Serbs, Croats and Others from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina has come a long way from the dark days of war, but there is still a long way to go before we can be sure that peace has been entrenched for good.

Announcement of changes on OHR economic side

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Sarajevo, 18 February 1997 Today, we are also announcing some changes on our economic side , following up the strengthening of the role of the OHR in this area decided at the London conference. New Deputy HR for Economic issues will be Mr.

Statement on decision taken by the Arbitration Tribunal

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Rome, 14 February 1997 The decision by the Arbitration Tribunal today represents an important further step in the process of implementing the Peace Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I trust that all authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Republika Srpska as well as the Federation, will full [...]

Condemnation of killings in Mostar

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Sarajevo, 10 February 1997 We condemn in the strongest possible terms the indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians in Mostar today. This is murder, and must be treated as such. We will demand that those responsible for these brutal acts are identified, arrested and brought to trial. We appeal to [...]

Press Release

Sir Martin Garrod, the Head of the Regional Office of the High Representative in Mostar, strongly condemns and deeply deplores the incident that occurred in the Hotel Ero on Saturday, 18 January 1997. It was provoked by Mr. Dalibor Glavina who was obviously drunk and threatened other guests in the Hotel.