03/11/2008 Sarajevo

Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

Eldar Subašić OHR/EUSR
Aida Bešić OSCE
Derek Chappell NATO
Lt Cdr Philip Treloar EUFOR



Lajčak at Education Ministers Conference inSarajevo

High Representative and EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčák will today attend the first meeting of the newly established Conference of BiH Education Ministers at 2 p.m at the Holiday Inn in Sarajevo . Journalists may cover the introductory address by Miroslav Lajčák, which will also later be published on our websites (www.ohr.int and www.eusrbih.eu), together with a press release.

Public debate on BiH’s European future in Pale

The EU Special Representative will today also take part in a citizens’ debate on BiH’s European perspective, which we are organising in Pale in cooperation with NGO „Luna“ and the Pale Youth Council. The debate starts at 5 p.m. in Room III of the Law Faculty. Cameramen and photographers are invited to record the beginning of the debate.  Journalist may attend the whole debate as citizens .

Frenkie records song for „Reci“ campaign

Hip-hop musician Frenkie has also recognised the potential of the campaign „Reci“ (Have your say!), which encourages citizens to get more engaged in BiH’s EU integration. He has lend his support in his own unique way by recording a song on the BiH’s European path.

Frenkie’s song is available on www.reci.ba, and citizens can listen to the song at the public debates on BiH’s European perspective. We will hear the song at the end of the press conference. 



OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina releases report on the Hum Institution for the Education of Boys and Male Adolescents

The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina is today releasing a report on the Hum Institution for the Education of Boys and Male Adolescents, which is located in Sarajevo. This is the only institution within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the accommodation of children in conflict with the law. 

In spite of the responsibilities entrusted to such an institution, the Hum Institution suffers from the lack of a legal mandate to perform its basic duties as well as from the lack of the resources needed to provide the services required of it by both domestic law and international standards.

The Strategy against Juvenile Offending for Bosnia and Herzegovina andits Programme of Action identifies the regulation of the institution’s legal status and its restructuring according to international standards as a high priority.  The Strategy also calls for separation of children in conflict with the law from those children referred to the institution by social welfare authorities.

More than a year has now passed since these recommendations became part of official policy.  Unfortunately, the expert co-ordination body referred to in the Strategy has not yet been established and substantive concerns remain with regard to the conditions for the juveniles accommodated at the Hum Institution.

This report proposes certain administrative and legal measures necessary to make this Institution both sustainable and compliant with domestic law and international human rights standards. It also includes specific recommendations for improvements in the living conditions and programmes for vulnerable children residing in therein.   



Brigadier General Robert Löwenstein of the Luftwaffe has taken over from Brigadier Pablo Bermudo as Chief of Staff (COS) for the Commander of the EUFOR Headquarters in Sarajevo today. The new COS addressed staff at Camp Butmir, and said:

“I am very honoured to take charge of this key operational role in the Balkans. EUFOR’s mission is to contribute to the safe and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My task as Chief of Staff to the Commander, General Villalain, is to manage EUFOR’s military operations and enable the handover of more and more responsibility to the country’s own armed forces and other respective agencies.

“Our ongoing military presence in BiH is allowing the International Community to carry out their responsibilities effectively, including the support of BiH authorities in the fight against organized crime as well as the support to the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia. This international commitment to a long-term stability in the country and the region has the visible support of our presence. I am looking forward to working closely and trustfully with the armed forces and other agencies in the country.”