Brčko Supervisor Michael Scanlan meets Director of the Brčko District Finance Directorate Mato Lučić
05/29/2019 OHR

Supervisor Scanlan: Momentum for reforms must accelerate

During his two-day visit to Brcko, the Brcko District Supervisor, Michael Scanlan, met with representatives of the District authorities and of the political parties represented in the District Assembly to discuss recent developments in Brcko District aimed at improving government services and the business environment.

“The shared goal of the District’s political representatives should be the wellbeing of the District and all of its residents. Collective interests need to be put ahead of party or self-interests,” said Supervisor Scanlan.

“Prosperity for all citizens of Brcko is only possible if the momentum for reforms, created earlier this year, is accelerated. Indicators of progress will be the completion of fiscalization by the end of June, and the adoption of a new law on the budget this fall. The strengthening of the rule of law and an increase in transparency in the budget process will help generate more revenue and promote greater fiscal discipline needed to ensure that government services fully meet the needs of the population.

Budget rebalancing provides an opportunity for the District to use its own resources to repair the Brcko-Gunja Bridge as a near-term solution. This is a better expenditure of the tax-payers’ money for the good of the community than the traditional practice of putting ten million KM aside through budget amendments.

Furthermore, accelerated implementation of key infrastructure projects along with changes in laws to attract business investment should be the priorities for Brcko authorities. Technically, the modernisation of the Brcko Port should be completed by the end of next year. This will only serve to attract other donor initiatives and, together with efforts to ensure a sustainable energy supply – including through the adoption of a new Energy Strategy and new energy legislation by mid-2020 – will improve public services, encourage business incentives, and create new jobs.

This is what the electorate of Brcko has a right to expect from its elected leaders and they should hold them accountable, including supporting them if they achieve these objectives. If Brcko does its part, the international community will be its partner as it is seeking partners among BiH authorities who are committed to good governance practices,” concluded the Supervisor.