Session of the Peace Implementation Council (OHR archive)
11/11/2020 PIC SB, BoP

Statement of Ambassadors of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board and the Board of Principals*

In the coming period, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will have an opportunity to elect their local authorities. The Peace Implementation Council Steering Board (PIC SB) and the Board of Principals (BoP) note the efforts of the BiH Central Election Commission and urge it to proceed with its work in a responsible and transparent manner, organizing orderly conduct of electoral process, duly responding to allegations of electoral fraud and implementing voting results. The PIC SB and the BoP will provide the CEC with all necessary support.

The PIC SB and the BoP call upon all institutions, political actors and their representatives, as well as voters to act responsibly and ensure the integrity and transparency of the election process, which must be held in a peaceful environment in line with the applicable legal framework and international standards.

The PIC SB and the BoP call on members of Municipal Election Commissions (MECs) and Polling Station Committees (PSCs) to perform their duties with professionalism and integrity. It is important that political parties and candidates refrain from putting pressure on MEC and PSC members and attempting to influence their independence or forcing them to resign. All involved in the election process, including non-partisan observers, must be fully enabled to professionally perform their duties in accordance with existing rules and procedures.

The PIC SB and the BoP urge full respect of covid-19 related protective measures throughout the election process, and encourage the authorities to provide necessary personal protective equipment and ensure adherence to protective measures in voting precincts in order to ensure a safe voting environment during the pandemic.

The PIC SB and the BoP call on all eligible voters to exercise their democratic rights and make their voices heard by casting their votes, and respect necessary protective covid-19 measures.

* The members of the Board of Principals joining this statement are: The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, United Nations in BiH, the Council of Europe, NATO HQ Sarajevo, EUFOR, Sweden, and Switzerland.