04/02/1997 PIC SB Istanbul

Statement by the PIC Steering Board on implementation of the Sarajevo Protocol

The Steering Board welcomes the comprehensive Agreement on the Implementation of the Sarajevo Protocol signed by leaders of all political parties represented in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly on 27 March. With the implementation of this Agreement, Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs alike will have guaranteed participation on all levels in the governance of the capital of the Federation and of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus making a commitment to the multi-ethnic character of Sarajevo, enabling return to the City and ensuring that all peoples and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can identify with their capital.

The Steering Board deems it crucial to implement the Agreement in all its aspects and within the given time frame, including the adoption by 9 April of the amendments to the Federation and Canton Constitutions on Sarajevo and Mostar and the convening on 10 April of the new City Council and election of the Mayor of Sarajevo and his two Deputies. This would constitute an important signal, in particular on the eve of the Papal visit.