03/05/1999 OHR Sarajevo

President Poplasen Dismissed

The High Representative Carlos Westendorp has decided to remove Nikola Poplasen from the Office of President of Republika Srpska with immediate effect.

Today the High Representative received a letter from President Poplasen, rejecting the High Representative’s demands with regard to his illegitimate effort to unseat the RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik and his refusal to nominate as Prime Minister the candidate proven to be supported by the majority of the RS National Assembly.

President Nikola Poplasen has abused the authority of the Office of the President of Republic, ignored the will of the people of Republika Srpska as expressed by their elected representatives in the National Assembly, hampered the full implementation of the election results, and consistently acted to trigger instability in Republika Srpska. Thus he has obstructed the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace.

The High Representative is taking his decision exercising the powers vested in him by Annex 10 of the General Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and by the Conclusions of the 1997 and 1998 meetings of the Peace Implementation Council.

Another press statement to follow.