12/10/1997 PIC Main Meeting Bonn

PIC – Federation Annex

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1998: Self-sustaining Structures

Federation Annex

The Council urges the Federation rapidly to resolve the following issues:

  1. Accept and fully implement the upcoming arbitration ruling by the High Representative on the formation of Usora and adoption of the pending law on split and new municipalities by 31 December 1997; enter without delay into the second phase of the work of the Advisory Commission on municipal reform in accordance with the agreed Measures of the Federation Forum of 3 February 1997, laying particular emphasis on the future organisation of Travnik in accordance with the Federation Constitution;
  2. Align all Cantonal Constitutions with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Dissolve or integrate all existing intelligence agencies and place them under the authority and exclusive supervision of the constitutionally mandated Federation institutions;
  4. Ensure that the four Federation Ministries in Mostar function fully and that the periodic Cabinet sessions prescribed in the Constitution take place in Mostar, as of 1 Febuary 1998. Local and cantonal authorities are obliged to solve accomodation issues. The international community will, upon the recommendation of the High Representative, limit or suspend cooperation with those ministries which do not meet this deadline.
  5. Immediately establish fully operational and integrated municipal and cantonal courts throughout the Federation and adopt, in particular, the necessary legislation for the Herzegovina Neretva Canton by 31 December 1997.
  6. Establish the City Council of Sarajevo by 31 December 1997 and fully implement the Protocol of 25 October 1996 and the Agreement on Sarajevo of 27 March 1997.
  7. Ensure that the City of Mostar and its unified City Administration is operational in all aspects, in accordance with the City Statute. This includes dissolution of the union of the three municipalities in West Mostar. Ensure implementation of the comprehensive Mostar return plan in accordance with the Agreement of 12 September 1997, and in particular the reinstatement of persons illegally evicted in 1996 by 31 January 1998.
  8. Cooperate fully with the Federation Ombudsmen and respond appropriately to their reports.
  9. Ensure that all obstacles to the inauguration of the Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs are removed by 31 December 1997.

Office of the High Representative