12/10/1997 PIC Main Meeting Bonn

PIC – Brcko Annex

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1998: Self-sustaining Structures

Brcko Annex

With regard to the implementation of the Brcko Arbitration Award and the Supervisory Orders, the Council takes note that:

  1. The administration staffing plan is to be completed by the President of the Executive Board and the two Vice-Presidents by 13 December 1997.
  2. The police staffing plan is to be completed by the Chief of Police and the two Deputies by 13 December 1997.
  3. The judiciary staffing plan is to be completed by the President of Republika Srpska, in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Supervisor, without delay.
  4. The multi-ethnic administration, judiciary and police will function from 31 December 1997.
  5. The Interior Ministry of Republika Srpska is to ensure that the Brcko police force complies fully with all requirements, particularly in terms of personnel and their functions, uniforms, and identification, in accordance with the Supervisory Order on multi-ethnic police and Addendum, anf the UN IPTF police restructuring process.
  6. The parties are reminded of the importance of their attendance at the Arbitral Hearing in Vienna on 5 February 1998.

Office of the High Representative