Arbitration Award for Dobrinja I and IV, Executive Summary

I set out here a summary of the Award in relation to Dobrinj'a I and IV. I must emphasise that this is a summary only and this cannot be taken to be in substitution of the full Award. I therefore recommend that the Award be read in full to appreciate the reasons for the findings therein.

Arbitration Award for Dobrinja I and IV

I Diarmuid P Sheridan having been appointed Independent Arbitrator by Decision of the High Representative made on 5th February 2001, wish to state that I am greatly honoured at the appointment both for myself and my country.I have come here with a completely open mind and no preconceived ideas except to do my best to achieve a fair and just Award w [...]

Statement of Arbitrator

I wish to introduce myself. I come from Ireland with nearly 50 years legal experience in every aspect. Up to March 1998 I was President of the Irish Circuit Court which has a very wide jurisdiction. On that month I retired but still have a great interest in law.