Interview: Paddy Ashdown, High Representative to BiH: “A Historic Day for BiH”

The endorsement of the decision on the start of Stabilization and Association negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina , which is expected to happen today in Brussels , represents a historic day. This is a day for which many of us have been working long and hard. BiH should be proud that it has passed this road in such a short period of time. This [...]

Speech by the High Representative, Paddy Ashdown at a Conference on the Future of BiH Organised by the Association Bosnia & Herzegovina 2005

Over the two days of this conference, friends from, and friends of, Bosnia and Herzegovina are engaged in a dialogue that is firmly based on experience and expertise.
This would not have been – could not have been – a worthwhile exercise had BiH not already reached a strategic vantage point on its long hard road to stability and prosperity.< [...]