09/17/2002 Free Media Help Line

The Free Media Help Line Warns Against Interference With Media

The Free Media Help Line has registered an increase in cases of reported interference with the media during the pre-election period. Interference with media professionals frequently takes the form of physical attacks, intimidation, threatening behaviour, pressure by official government agencies and destruction or theft of property. This election campaign — like many others in Europe– has witnessed fierce political competition and exchanges through the media. However, on too many occasions candidates have relied on coercion, rather than persuasion, to promote their interests.

If individuals or organisations have concerns about specific media reporting, they should address them to the CRA or the Press Council, as appropriate. 

In the final run up to the first post-war elections organised exclusively by the BiH authorities, the Free Media Help Line takes this opportunity to call on human rights groups, media professionals and politicians themselves to challenge any attempt to intimidate the media whenever and wherever it occurs.

The Free Media Help Line encourages all media professionals to report threats, intimidation or interference on 033/217-302, or email fmhl@ohr.int.