OHR SRT News Summary, 6 October 1998


  • UN Security Council to consider Kofi Annan’s report on situation in Kosovo this evening
  • Diplomatic offensive of Holbrooke and Hill in Pristina and Kosovo
  • RS Government warns of the historic responsibility of all actors in Bosnian crisis
  • Outgoing BiH presidency held its last session in Sarajevo
  • First state activities of Zivko Radisic, newly-elected member of the BiH presidency, in Pale

Kosovo -related news

“The fresh and bitter experience obliges us to call the conflicting sides to seek and use with the greatest attention possible every possibility for peaceful solution of the conflict..” says the announcement issued by the RS Government and signed by PM Dodik.

The outgoing BiH presidency held its last session today. The outgoing members Krajisnik and Zubak, in the unofficial part of the session, resumed their two-year work. The Presidency brought a decision on purchasing air transport control equipment. They also ratified the convention on the ban of anti-personnel mine use, production and sale as well as the decision on their destruction.

The newly-elected and the outgoing member of the BiH Presidency from the RS, Zivko Radisic and Momcilo Krajisnik respectively, met in Pale today. Radisic also met with the deputy minister of BiH Internal Affairs, Dragan Bozanic.

“We are interested in cooperation with the international institutions… I believe I was assured that constructive cooperation would be continued” Radisic said after meeting the international mediator to BiH, Christian Schwartz Schilling. “

The newly-elected member of the BiH presidency, Zivko Radisic, met with Orthodox Archbishop Nikolaj. The meeting was held in Sokolac, but the details were not known, since there were no press statements after the meeting.

The Special envoy of the UN Secretary General, Elisabeth Rehn, was in Banja Luka today. She spoke with the newly-elected president, Nikola Poplasen, and the current president, Biljana Plavsic. “We talked about issues of interest to the RS and BiH, which are directly under the mandate of the UN” Poplasen said after the meeting. “I had good cooperation with President Plavsic” Rehn said, stressing that she hoped to have the same cooperation with newly-elected president Poplasen.

A consultative meeting of the RS NA Speaker, Petar Djokic, and representatives of the political parties will be held on Tuesday, October 13, in Banja Luka. The date for holding the RS Parliament constitutive session will be determined today. Djokic explained for SRT viewers the constitutional procedure of constituting the NA and forming the RS Government.

The president of the SDS presidency, Dragan Kalinic, stated in an interview to the Belgrade-based Blic that the new prime minister should be a man who would not create antagonism between the eastern and the western parts of the RS, assessing that the West is applying pressure to make Dodik be the prime minister again. Kalinic expressed the hope that, in the name of democracy, RS will be allowed, in accordance with its constitution and laws, to elect its own government and prime minister by itself.

The newly-elected president of the RS, Nikola Poplasen, in an interview with the Belgrade-based private TV station BK after the announcement of the election results, commented on the composition of the new government. Asked if he would accept members of the KCDBiH coalition into the government, he said: “In general, I don’t have anything against the fact that Moslems and Croats enter the RS Government. I don’t have the intention of breaking the Law and violating the Constitution. If the RS NA, according to the Book of Rules and law, brings a decision which differs from my personal opinion, I am obliged to respect it”. This attitude of SRS president Poplasen is a surprise for all those who, in the pre-electoral campaign, disputed the possibility of having representatives of the Moslem coalition within the government.

The CoM co-president, Boro Bosic, and the Austrian Ambassador talked about the post-election situation, the future work of the institutions, the possibilities for cooperation between BiH and Bosnia in some new projects. They discussed Kosovo as well and agreed this issue should be resolved in a diplomatic manner, since a different solution would cause conflagration in the Balkans.

The SNS stated it would engage itself to the largest extent in the process of the constitution of the RS NA, SNS Vice President Knezevic said at a press conference held in Banja Luka today.

The chief of the SNSD Electoral HQ, Stanislav Cadjo, informed journalists present about the session of the Executive board of the party. On that occasion, the SNSD assessed the elections as fair and democratic.

Regarding the statement by Dragan Cavic, Vice President of the SDS presidency, that NATO intervention in Kosovo could cause unforeseeable consequences in the implementation of the DA, the American Embassy in Sarajevo issued a press release. The American Embassy to BiH condemns the statement by Vice President of the SDS Presidency, Dragan Cavic, who threatened the implementation of the DA and security in Bosnia if NATO forces started operations in Kosovo and FRY. According to the press release, it just presents additional evidence that the SDS has not evolved into a responsible western political party which is ready to rule the RS.