OHR RTRS News Summary, 30 November 2000

RT RS News Headlines:

  • Incumbent RS National Assembly speaker Petar Djokic schedules consultative meeting between RS parliamentary parties that recently won seats in RS National Assembly for 5 December
  • BiH Council of Ministers accepts program for priority refugee returns drafted by BiH Ministry for Refugees and Human Rights
  • Petritsch and Barry on Thursday address joint letter to newly-elected BiH leaders reminding them of their obligation to fully implement Dayton peace agreement, respect PEC Rules and Regulations and fulfil interests of BiH citizens – OHR spokesman Milisic
  • BiH Foreign Minister Jadranko Prlic says BiH General Elections represent step backward, and adds his pessimism concerning BiH’s future
  • Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic does not want to comment on RS election results, adding that Montenegro will co-operate with newly-elected authorities in that BiH entity
  • DNS accusations that OSCE and PEC “stole votes” from DNS are unfounded – OSCE spokesman Luke Zahner
  • SDA hindered PEC request to audit party financial records, and this is reason why SDA member was removed from candidate list – OSCE
  • Milisic says on Thursday that Petritsch has established Independent Judicial Commission with task of keeping Petritsch informed about work of courts in BiH
  • 12,000 RS healthcare workers on fourth day of their general strike; strikers deny their strike is of political nature while RS Health Ministry assesses strike to be totally unfounded
  • RS Confederation of Syndicates says it will not accept OHR explanation concerning amendments to Labour Law because they brought about loss of rights of workers
  • Contract on sale of 30%-stake in Kozarska Dubica-based Dubicanka company to two Italian companies from Aviano and Milano signed in Banja Luka on Thursday
  • RS Bank Privatisation Agency states that RS Vice President Dragan Cavicąs statement of 29 November on shares of Agroprom Banka being sold for price lower than book value is untrue
  • Goal of extending deadline for withdrawal of DM coinage from circulation in BiH is to facilitate work of payment operations bureaux and commercial banks in BiH – BiH Central Bank
  • Seminar on reconstruction of payment operations bureaux in BiH held in Banja Luka on Thursday; similar seminars already held in Sarajevo and Mostar
  • Brcko District Assembly and Government will take responsibility for education issues in District high schools – OHR
  • Klein accepts resignations of six UN international police officers who participated in raids of Prijedor night-bars – UN
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  • Refugees leave southern Serbia due security reasons and not because someone is threatening them – UNHCR
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  • President of RS Assembly of Insurance Agents Ranko Renovic says that Assembly’s decision to exclude Jahorina Insurance Fund is illegitimate and in contradiction to Assemblyąs Statute
  • It is necessary to create appropriate “project documentation” to carry out construction of Ferhadija mosque in Banja Luka – Banja Luka Mayor Dragoljub Davidovic
  • Sixteen doctors (eight married couples) of main Banja Luka healthcare centre request construction permits in order to build eight apartments they will self-finance; they will resolve their housing problem if these permits are granted; Banja Luka Mayor Dragoljub Davidovic agrees with this idea
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