03/18/2008 OHR / EUSR

HR/EUSR: Parliament Wants To Discuss Police Reform Laws

“By deciding today to reject the negative report on BiH’s police reform laws the BiH House of Representatives has sent a clear signal that they want a chance to adopt the police reform legislation” said the High Representative and EU Special Representative, Miroslav Lajčák.

“The decision is a welcome one,” said Lajčák. “BiH’s MP’s have shown that they are aware of their responsibility for securing the country’s European perspective.”

The European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s citizens – regardless of where they live, their age, gender or ethnicity – is in the hands of the twelve members of the Parliaments Joint Defence and Security Committee. It is their responsibility to decide whether Bosnia and Herzegovina’s citizens will take a critical step towards membership of the EU and sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. 

Their job is simple; they must decide to allow the Parliament to discuss the merits of the police reform legislation.

Regardless of party affiliation, or whether they are in government or opposition, each Committee member must decide for themselves whether this country deserves to get a chance to sign the Stabilisation Association agreement and move out of last place on the road to EU integration.

“I expect each individual in the Committee to find the political courage and maturity to meet their promise of support for BiH’s EU integration aspirations and allow BiH’s Parliament to take the country in the EU integration process,” said the HR/EUSR today. “It is time to set aside short term political advantage for the long term interests of a BiH that is firmly on the road to Europe.”

The public will follow the next Committee session closely. Over 70% of the population regardless of ethnicity, age or political outlook support EU integration. Parliament should be given the chance to put BiH on that road. Every individual in the Committee is responsible for, and will be held accountable for, their actions.

According to the Parliament’s rules of procedure the Joint BiH Defence and Security must give a positive report to allow the BiH Parliament to adopt the police reform legislation.

The members of BiH Parliament’s Defence and Security Committee are; Branko Zrno    (HDZ BIH), Sefik Dzaferovic (SDA), Slobodan Saraba (SDS), Adem Huksic (SBIH), Ivo Miro Jovic (HDZ BiH), Drago Kalabic (SNSD), Jozo Krizanovic (SDP), Dusanka Majkic (SNSD), Mirko Okolic (SDS), Hazim Rancic (SDA), Sulejman Tihic (SDA), Vinko Zoric (HDZ 1990).