Concept and contents

Public Information Campaign on Good Government

In August and September 2011 the Office of the High Representative ran a public information campaign to explain to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina the reasoning behind the Peace Implementation Council’s priorities in this country.

The priorities – legislative and administrative steps that will secure good government (as related to the resolution of related State Property issues), investment and job creation (as related to the resolution of Defence Property issues), sensible economic management (as related to Fiscal Sustainability), and Citizen Security – are the prerequisites for a state that can safeguard the rights of all its citizens, offering prosperity and security.

The campaign focused on the benefits that BiH citizens will experience in their everyday lives when these priority policies are implemented.

The authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at every level, have not yet been able to take the necessary steps, despite repeated commitments to do so and despite sustained and proactive assistance from the International Community. The campaign, therefore, urged BiH citizens to exert positive pressure on politicians to honour the commitments they have made.

Four TV spots, four radio jingles, four press advertisements and four web banners were produced for the campaign.

The TV spots appeared on BHT, FTV, RTRS, ATV, BN, Pink BiH, Hayat. The radio jingles ran on BH Radio, Radio Federacije, BN Radio; press ads appeared in Dnevni avaz, Oslobodjenje, Press RS, Euroblic and Vecernji list, while web banners were placed on eight web portals: sarajevo-x.com; dnevniavaz.ba, source.ba; radiosarajevo.ba; depo.ba; banjalukalive.com; 24sata.info; and bljesak.info