Concept and contents

A successful agricultural sector will generate more jobs. That’s why it is so important. With the object of raising awareness about the role of agriculture in creating new jobs and sustaining return, OHR launched a public information campaign entitled “Agriculture and Profit”, on 31 october 2003.

The campaign is produced in cooperation with World Vision in BiH. It consists of six 25-minute radio and TV programmes detailing the experiences of small farmers in BiH and offering practical advice on farming, and a booklet covering the same themes and listing the domestic and international agencies that currently offer assistance to farmers. The “Agriculture and Profit” TV and radio series will be aired November – December 2003 on RT RS and FTV, and later on regional and local radio and TV stationsacross BiH. 16,000 copies of the “Agriculture and Profit” booklet will be distributed through farmers’ associations, extension services, NGOs and around 60 TV and radio stations involved in the campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to: * enable farmers to move from subsistence agriculture, (or agriculture as a secondary source of income) to commercial agriculture * encourage young DPs from rural areas to consider agriculture as a way of sustaining their return, and * support the efforts of the Agriculture Bulldozer Initiative in creating a favourable environment for agricultural development.

Some 27 regional TV and radio stations will produce follow-up programs to the “Agriculture and Profit” series in the period November 2003 – February 2004, covering the same issues from a regional/local perspective.


“Agriculture and Profit” booklet

“TV Clip