Concept and booklets

The series “Od ideje do biznisa” (From an Idea to a Business) is aimed at promoting the creation of small and medium-sized businesses in order to create jobs and encourage economic development and foster a more favourable business environment for domestic and foreign investment.

Produced as a 10-part radio and TV series with an accompanying printed guide “Od ideje do biznisa” provides a basic step-by-step guide on how to start or improve a small to medium-sized business in BiH, covering everything from making a business plan, registering a business, getting a loan, hiring employees and managing finances to finding and keeping customers. (see Press Release Tuesday October 02, 2001)

The written guide “Od ideje do biznisa” that accompanies the series is available, free of charge, from participating radio and TV stations, OHR and QIF offices. It covers all the main topics in the series and includes a comprehensive directory of business advisory services, financial institutions and chambers of commerce in BiH as well as a sample business plan.

The radio and TV series was produced by the Office of the High Representative and the European Union Quick Impact Facility program (which is implemented by CARE) in co-operation with 21 radio and 13 TV stations across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The series was tailored to local audiences, in the case of each station, through the selection of guests’ reports and call-ins that addressed each topic. The series, along with a number of follow-up programmes and rebroadcasts, aired between October 2001 and March 2002.