08/28/2013 OHR

More Investment for BiH Workers, Farmers and Entrepreneurs

Speaking today at the opening of the International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry in Gradacac, High Representative Valentin Inzko called on BiH political parties to place “a much greater focus on practical policies that will make life easier for BiH farmers, BiH workers and BiH entrepreneurs.”

The Gradacac Fair, “one of the most dynamic and important examples of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capacity to prosper and grow,” highlights the enormous long-term economic potential of the BiH agro-business sector, the High Representative said.

He described the announcement by German dairy company “Zott” that it is opening a new manufacturing plant in Gradacac as part of a total investment worth 50 million KM, as “an investment in BiH jobs and an investment in BiH prosperity.”

“The workers and managers of cooperatives and farms throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina have rolled up their sleeves in order to meet the highest standards. It’s up to the relevant authorities to enable them to expand that market and create more jobs,” the High Representative said.

The full text of the High Representative’s speech can be accessed here.