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11/10/2021 OHR

Joint statement by the ambassadors of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board*

In light of recent attempts to undermine his role, the Ambassadors of the PIC Steering Board reiterate their firm support to the authority and mandate of the High Representative as guardian of the implementation of the civilian aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreement. The High Representative’s role is vital if BiH is to fulfil the 5+2 conditions and subsequently graduate from international supervision, moving closer to the EU.

The main responsibility for achieving these objectives lies with the authorities and institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We call upon all levels of government to assume their responsibilities and fulfil the mandate given to them by voters. Greater political will is needed to make progress against shared goals and to overcome division. Destabilizing and divisive rhetoric or acts, including undermining state institutions and reforms which have provided stability, financial benefit and functionality for all of BiH, must stop. This is not in the interest of any BiH citizen or company and diverts attention from much needed action and reforms on the European path. We reaffirm our unequivocal commitment to the existence of BiH as a single and sovereign state comprising two entities and Brčko District.

We commend the High Representative for his commitment to engagement with all parties. We welcome the High Representative’s focus on the issue of State and Military Property and we urge all political actors to fully cooperate with the OHR in the pursuit of a functional resolution in the interest of BiH and its Entities. We confirm the continuous importance of EUFOR/Althea in ensuring a safe and secure environment in BiH, which remains a precondition for a peaceful and stable development to the benefit of all citizens. We therefore welcome the renewal of the mandate of EUFOR/Althea for another 12 months by the UNSC on November 03, 2021.

Together with HR Christian Schmidt, we, members of the PIC SB, continue to stand ready to assist and support local actors in their endeavours to ensure a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future for all citizens in BiH.

* The Russian Federation does not join this Statement