07/12/2018 OHR

Inzko: Denying of genocide is absolutely unacceptable

The High Representative condemns in the strongest possible terms recent statements by a number of public figures denying the genocide in Srebrenica, glorifying war crimes and using hate speech and even threats. The genocide committed in Srebrenica is a fact confirmed by two international tribunals. Those who seek to gain political benefit through glorifying war crimes and disrespecting the victims and their families are acting outside the norms of civilization.

Specifically, the statement made by Rajko Vasic, SNSD Main Board member, on the Srebrenica genocide – on the day of the burial of Srebrenica genocide victims and the day of commemoration – goes far beyond a denial. Apart from being deplorable, hurtful and offensive, it threatens violence. And not any violence. It threatens genocide. This is a criminal offence. The Federation Criminal Code contains a specific incrimination, and the Federation Criminal Code is for such offences applicable wherever they are committed. The High Representative urges the competent judicial bodies to promptly react.

The High Representative also urges all public figures, especially elected politicians, regardless of ethnic affiliation, to publicly reject hate speech, the glorification of war crimes and the denial of genocide. Parties with members on their main board making such public statements risk bearing significant legal responsibility themselves too.