07/21/2000 OHR / OSCE / UNMIBH

International Community Monitors Bocinje evictions

The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, the head of the OSCE mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Robert Barry, and the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General, Jaques Paul Klein, will monitor closely property evictions scheduled to start in the village of Bocinje, Maglaj municipality, Canton 4 on Monday, July 24.

Canton 4’s interior ministry were slow to act this week to clear the road blocks near Bocinje, a cause of concern to the OHR, OSCE and UNMIBH. The eviction orders are an important reminder that rule of law requires action by government and police authorities whenever obstructed. The Canton 4 interior ministry bodies acted swiftly and professionally only when they were finally called upon to act by their superiors.

The International Community fully supports the work of the Maglaj mayor, Mehmed Bradaric, Municipal Assembly Speaker Dzevad Galijasevic and other authorities involved in implementing rule of law in Bocinje. The property laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina are clear — everyone has a right to return to their rightful homes.

The International Community will back fully the local authorities in their work to carry out the evictions starting on Monday. Return and individual right to property are at the heart of the Dayton accords and should be supported fully across Bosnia and Herzegovina.