10/31/2023 OHR

HR Schmidt meets CoM Chairwoman Krišto, emphasizes urgency for reforms and EU integration

High Representative Christian Schmidt met today with Chairwoman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Borjana Krišto, to discuss the pressing political landscape and reform priorities vital for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future within the European Union.

The High Representative underscored the responsibility of BiH authorities in seizing this opportune moment to secure the country’s EU integration trajectory, together with steps towards long-term stability and ensuring full respect for the Dayton Peace Agreement. He emphasized that the time is now to act responsibly, ensuring the BiH citizens a secure path towards integration, stability, and prosperity.

“We must prioritize dialogue, maturity, and responsibility, placing the interests of the citizens above daily politics,” stated the High Representative. “Achieving BiH’s European integration ambitions demands functional institutions, unwavering commitment to the rule of law, and collective dedication to the common good.”

The meeting between High Representative Schmidt and Chairwoman Krišto exemplified a shared commitment to navigating BiH through this critical phase. By working together and upholding the values of dialogue, responsibility, and citizen-focused governance, BiH can create a brighter future for all.