Participants of the Future of the Western Balkans Panel at the Munich Security Conference (Photo: MFA BiH)
02/19/2024 OHR

HR Schmidt at Munich Security Conference: Euro-Atlantic integration crucial for development and progress in BiH

High Representative Christian Schmidt emphasized the critical importance of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s reform-oriented engagement with the European Union during his participation at the Munich Security Conference. High Representative Schmidt underlined the necessity for BiH to prioritize its Euro-Atlantic integration efforts to foster stability, security, and progress in the country and the region.

Participating in the Conference, High Representative Schmidt engaged in discussions on advancing the reform processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this context, he met with foreign ministers of EU member states and transatlantic partners, senior EU and NATO officials, Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, and UK Special Envoy for the Western Balkans Sir Stuart Peach.

“Engagement on Euro-Atlantic integration is crucial for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future,” stated the High Representative Schmidt. “It is essential for the country to actively pursue reforms and strengthen its ties with the EU to ensure stability and prosperity for its citizens.”

The High Representative highlighted that ensuring electoral integrity is essential for creating a stable and secure political environment conducive for further development and progress of the country. “Election integrity is fundamental for building trust and confidence in the political system. This needs to be done soon so that the improved rules can be effective already for the Municipal Elections in October 2024,” concluded the High Representative Schmidt.