01/25/2012 OHR

High Representative’s Statement Following the Meeting with the President of the Court of BiH and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of BiH

The Court and Prosecutor’s Office of BiH are key state institutions for ensuring the full enforcement of the rule of law in BiH.

They are also an indispensable element for the full implementation of constitutional responsibilities of the state.

The constitutionality of the Law on Court of BiH, and the jurisdiction of the Court, have been challenged before the Constitutional Court of BiH, in 2001 and again in 2008.

On both occasions, the BiH Constitutional Court confirmed that BiH through the Court has an obligation to implement its responsibilities.

So any initiative to dismantle the State judiciary is a direct challenge to the ability of the state to implement its constitutional responsibilities.

My message today was therefore one of support to these State level judicial institutions.

I call on everyone to diffuse the pressure that has been put on the judiciary and to respect and abide by the rule of law.