02/05/2013 OHR

High Representative Valentin Inzko visits SIPA

Statement of High Representative Valentin Inzko after a meeting with Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) Goran Zubac:

I am very happy to be visiting SIPA today and I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and leadership that Director Zubac is providing.

Even more impressive are the concrete results that SIPA is delivering.

We all know that actions speak louder than words and I think that criminals are hearing the message.

I support SIPA’s priorities of fighting organized crime, corruption and terrorism. BiH – like all countries – is facing these threats and there be no compromises in fighting these dangerous forms of criminality.

Director Zubac briefed me on Operation “Lutka” and it is exactly this kind multi-agency approach – involving police from the RS, Canton Sarajevo, and Brcko District – under the able leadership of SIPA – that I strongly support.

Director Zubac told me that criminals should be looking over their shoulders for the long arm of SIPA. The citizens of this country deserve this and I want to express my support for SIPA’s efforts aimed at strengthening the rule of law and securing a better and safer future for all in BiH.


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