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04/05/2022 OHR

High Representative Schmidt remembers Olga Sučić and Suada Dilberović

High Representative Christian Schmidt, together with Nora Trifkovic, daughter of Olga Sučić, laid flowers today at the memorial plaque dedicated to the first two victims of the war in Sarajevo, Olga Sučić and Suada Dilberović, two young women who were killed on 5 April 1992, while participating in peaceful demonstrations.

“At this place, when we remember the deaths of these two young women, which was but a prelude to three years of suffering, we must remind ourselves what a great commodity peace is and how important it is to cherish it.

Olga and Suada were aware of that and, together with many others, stood up against destruction and violence. What happened to them should be a reminder of all the horrors of conflict and war and that a better future can be built only through dialogue, mutual respect, and reconciliation. That is the way to a secure and prosperous future for the citizens of this country. That is what we owe to all those who lost their lives striving for peace,” said the High Representative.