09/23/2013 OHR

High Representative Inzko Meets FBiH Prime Minister Niksic

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today with Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prime Minister Nermin Niksic to discuss the situation that has emerged as a result of the failure of the responsible authorities to appoint new members of the FBiH Securities Commission in a timely manner. Over four years after the job should have been completed, the Federation Presidency and Parliament have yet to make the necessary appointments. The interlocutors expressed regret that the authentic interpretation of the FBiH Law on the Securities Commission, which was intended to address the problem, did not receive sufficient support in the FBiH House of Representatives, and agreed that a prompt solution must be found to mitigate the implications on the capital market in the FBiH.

In that respect, High Representative Inzko and Prime Minister Niksic discussed concrete ways forward to affirm the principle of continuity of office in a manner ensuring institutional stability and legal certainty as the pillars of any legal system. This is also key to investment decisions that have the potential of generating much needed jobs in this country.