07/27/2000 OHR Sarajevo

High Representative Ends Mandate of RTRS Board of Govenors

Today, the High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, issued a Decision ending the mandate of the current Board of Governors of RTRS and at the same time naming a new one. This Decision was taken in view of the failure of the Republika Srpska authorities to meet several deadlines to pass new legislation for RTRS.

The new Board members are Mr Goran Bubic, Mrs Sunjita Sukalo, Mr Zelko Kopanja and Mr Danko Ruzicic. The new Board will retain the services of Professor Milos Babic, the current President of the Board and member of the Executive Committee of the PBS Founding Board. The High Representative will nominate a sixth member from his staff.

This Decision is a direct result of the continued failure of the RS Government and the RS National Assembly to adopt new legislation for RTRS in order to bring it in line with international standards for public broadcasting. The new Board more closely reflects the cultural and professional composition required by the High Representative’s Decision on Amending the Law on RTRS of August 1999.

Despite numerous discussions in the RS National Assembly, little has been achieved. The RS Ministry of Information created several draft laws on RTRS, none of which came close to the international standards required.

Accordingly, the High Representative has charged the new Board with working together with the RS authorities, international experts and the PBS Founding Board to develop the new RTRS law. Additionally, they will work together with an international supervisory team to create and oversee the implementation of a strategic development plan with the aim of putting the broadcaster on a financially self-sustaining basis.